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The New Project
The focus of this website will be to evaluate Hawaii vacation businesses models that harness the power of the internet to attract and grow Hawaii tourism traffic to the islands. We will be looking at companies using the 4 main monetization models:

  • Cost Per Click / Contextual Model – This is when a website owner gets paid if the user clicks on an ad that has been placed on a page by contextual relevancy. A popular form of this is Google Adsense, but some sites have their own version of software running this model.
  • Direct Ad Sales Model – This is when a website has direct advertisement on their site like banner ads or text link ads.
  • Affiliate Model – get paid a commission when your readers perform an action or buy something from another site. Making a living from affiliate recommendations is hard work because unlike other ad based models you only get paid when one of your visitors actually converts on another site.
  • Selling Products or Services – This is when a Hawaii based sites sells a product or a service. An example of this would be a Hawaii art gallery selling art online or a service oriented business such as ourselves (learn more about our serivces).

The Old Project
The Hawaii Tourism Authority initiated a project several years ago to study the tourism industry and the viability of the future of tourism in Hawaii. They created a website to document the progress of that study which was originally displayed on this domain. Since the website’s inception, it has gone through many phases and updates. Much of the original content of the site has been left off of their most current version, but we have preserved it here because of the usefulness of the information and as a reminder of the origins and original goals of the study.

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