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Apr '09

Uptake Tackles The Hawaii Vacation Market

Uptake is one of my favorite types of websites, a data aggregator (a site that compiles information from multiple sources into one place). If you take a look at their Hawaii activities section, for instance, you’ll see data pulled from Travelocity, Yahoo!, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Epinions and CitySearch as well as other information directly from [...]

Apr '09

Hawaii Destinations Makes a Good Start

I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Ted at Hawaii Destinations – a Hawaii travel and tourism site which is a guide for independent travelers visiting the islands. The goal of this website, as stated on their about page, is, “to become a respected destination and vacation guide, providing a quality and quantity [...]

Apr '09

Summit Pacific Inc.’s On the Right Track

Summit Pacific Inc. appears to have its roots in the Kauai vacation rentals market. They seem to be expanding into other islands, but their main play in on Kauai with such resorts as Puu Poa, Hanalei Bay Resort and Waipouli Beach Resort. This is an interesting Hawaii travel site to study because the company employs [...]

Mar '09

Hawaii.com Overcharging Clients for Clicks

Hawaii.com is an advertising based Hawaii travel site owned by the Gannett Company whose flagship publication is USA Today. They use 2 Internet business models: Affiliate program – Hawaii.com receives a percentage of the sale whenever they send a user to another website and that user buys something. Cost Per Click (CPC) – advertising where [...]