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Jul '10

From Cane to Coffee: Hawaiian cash crops

Everybody associates sugarcane with Hawaiian agriculture, but there has been a huge shift in recent decades. Kona coffee and other coffee crops are surging in Hawaii while sugarcane has all but died out. Sugarcane was part of the Hawaiian landscape early (approximately 600 A.D.) and it became a cash crop gradually. Sugar plantations played a [...]

Jul '09

Poipu Resorts

I’ve been to Poipu, Kauai and it’s an amazing Hawaii vacation destination. So I can see why The Parrish Collection (TPC)  is banking on the several Poipu resorts in the area. TPC manages vacation homes and condos in popular locations like Poipu Kai and Nihi Kai Villas. From what I know about the business, property [...]

Jul '09

Safari Helicopters Takes Hawaii Helicopter Tours to New Heights

I’ve been wanting to do an evaluation of a Hawaii activity company for a while now, and I’ve finally got my chance. Safari Helicopters has been taking people on Hawaii helicopter tours to “inaccessible wonders” in the islands for 22 years. Reading through the elaborate company section, you learn that this is a family run [...]

Apr '09

Summit Pacific Inc.’s On the Right Track

Summit Pacific Inc. appears to have its roots in the Kauai vacation rentals market. They seem to be expanding into other islands, but their main play in on Kauai with such resorts as Puu Poa, Hanalei Bay Resort and Waipouli Beach Resort. This is an interesting Hawaii travel site to study because the company employs [...]

Apr '09

Hawaiian Beach Rentals Has It Going On

Hawaiian Beach Rentals is the largest Hawaii vacation rental company in the state with more than 4,000 accommodations for you to choose from. They use the following business model: Sells Services – The company is paid a commission by property owners for providing a booking service for their rentals. There are two things that really [...]