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Jan '11

Renting A Car In Hawaii

The best way to find great deals on Hawaii car rentals, if you book beforehand, is to do your research for local companies. The island businesses have guaranteed discounts that are pre-negotiated and a bit similar to Priceline, if you are willing to be flexible about the exact details of the make and model, you’ll find the best rates searching among these businesses. Many people say that renting a car in Hawaii is crucial.

The public transportation on the outer islands definitely leaves something to be desired. It is not so bad if you are staying in a resort or larger hotel, they will usually have shuttle and tours buses to help you get around. But if you are staying, for example, in one of many Kauai condo rentals, you  can be pretty isolated and have a hard time getting to public transportation.

Hawaii Car Rentals.net offers car rentals for all the islands and it’s simple to find the right vehicle and price. Booking a vehicle is easy and there is straightforward information about rates, peak seasons and cost. Aloha Rents also offers details about rates, type of vehicle, etc. Airport and hotel pickups are possible. Hawaii Car Rentals in Poipu serves all the islands, including Molokai. Discount Hawaii Car Rental works in a similar manner as the others. Check the GoHawaii.com site and search all islands for transportation. Sponsored business listings are found in this section.

It won’t be difficult to find a cheap car rental in Hawaii as long as you understand that the rates are pre-negotiated and the best rates you’ll find are those that these local companies offer. It might be just as convenient to go online and book a vehicle from a national car company but shop around and have an idea of what size and features you require. The additional advantage to renting from a local company is that you can pick up your car at the airport, the hotel or even the cruise ship port. Furthermore, local businesses can answer questions that a national car company associate who answers calls on the mainland can’t or may not be able to provide a thorough answer. For example, a local business will tell you exactly where you can drive the car and where you cannot. Some roads on the island require a 4WD and even those are not permissible in all areas.

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