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Jul '09

Safari Helicopters Takes Hawaii Helicopter Tours to New Heights

I’ve been wanting to do an evaluation of a Hawaii activity company for a while now, and I’ve finally got my chance. Safari Helicopters has been taking people on Hawaii helicopter tours to “inaccessible wonders” in the islands for 22 years. Reading through the elaborate company section, you learn that this is a family run operation that takes pride in their service and safety. The business itself works by selling their service directly to clients through their website. I’m guessing this direct sale is more valuable then selling through an activity desk or website which I’m assuming would charge a booking rate of about 25%.

  • Selling Services – Direct sales bypass booking agencies.

The site is done very nicely and there’s a lot of information to help make a buying decision including video, photos, description and customer reviews and rating from TripAdvisor displayed directly on the site. I really like this last feature because it gives you the opportunity to see unbiased remarks about what others have experienced. From the reviews you can tell Safari Helicopters is a reputable company selling good Kauai helicopter and Big Island helicopter tours.

The one place the site fell short was in the booking system. Not that it was bad, but it could definitely be improved which would lead to higher conversion and more sales.

The site design and information on the site is great. I also really like the TripAdvisor ratings displayed directly on the site.

Booking system could be simplified. What about more ratings from other websites like Yelp?

Overall this looks like a profitable business model. I’m sure the online bookings are worth more to Safari Helicopters then other sources, like activity desks, so improving their SEO would be beneficial and only bring more money into the business.

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