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Jul '09

Poipu Resorts

I’ve been to Poipu, Kauai and it’s an amazing Hawaii vacation destination. So I can see why The Parrish Collection (TPC)  is banking on the several Poipu resorts in the area. TPC manages vacation homes and condos in popular locations like Poipu Kai and Nihi Kai Villas. From what I know about the business, property managers are paid roughly 20% (only) when an accommodation is booked. The property manager is then responsible for marketing, providing customer service and cleaning the vacation rentals.

  • Selling Services – Property management marketed through their Kauai vacation rental website.

The site itself is easy to navigate and there is great information about the properties including detailed descriptions and very nice photos. The problem with the site is its booking system which was not only slow and clunky, but a bit confusing to use. It was manageable, however, by improving this system they could up their conversion rate and therefore bookings. I’m guessing their current booking engine creates a lot of phone orders as well. So an improvement with this part of the site would reduce staff costs also.

The one thing that makes this site successful are the photos, floor plans and virtual tours. The photos are amazing and make me want to stay in their properties. If you don’t believe me, check out these pictures of their Donohugh home! The floor plans are a nice touch and something that most other vacation rentals sites don’t offer.

In order to improve on this onine business, I think that TPC needs to expand beyond Poipu Resort. The cost of the website, SEO and staff needed to fulfill customer services isn’t being leveraged to its full potential. By offering vacation rentals in other areas of Kauai, TPC could increase their take without increasing their overhead. This would lead to greater profitability and a brighter future for the company.

Photos make me want to take a vacation. Floor plans are a nice touch.

Booking system should be upgraded.

The Parrish Collection has a nicely done site, but it’s the content that really stands out. Improving the bookings system and leveraging what they have by breaking out of the Poipu market will help them reach their full potential.

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